CT Angiogram

Computerized tomography angiogram or CT angiogram is an imaging technique used to examine the arteries that supply the heart with blood. This medical imaging method will produce images of the heart and the heart vessels. These images will then help cardiologists determine if there is something wrong with the heart.

What makes CT angiogram different from a traditional coronary angiogram is that there is no need to use a catheter inserted through your blood vessels to your heart. X-ray is used instead to produce the necessary images. Also, there is no required recovery time for a CT angiogram because there is no operation or incision needed.

Why Is There A Need
To Undergo A CT Angiogram?

For those who want to take good care of their heart, a CT angiogram is a test that can check your heart for various conditions. Primarily, this is used to check for narrowed arteries in the heart. These narrowing of arteries, also called coronary heart disease, can be the reason behind chest pains or can even put someone at a greater risk for heart attack.

A CT angiogram is used for doctors when they need to check for blockages in the heart's arteries. For people who have only a moderate risk of coronary artery disease, this procedure is advisable. This medical imaging technique produces detailed images of the blood vessels and tissues in various parts of the body. Because of the importance of this procedure, it is important that the best medical imaging provider handle this kind of service. By providing the clearest and most accurate images, the proper diagnosis and treatment will then be recommended. And this is where Elite Imaging excels.

The Best CT Angiogram From Elite Imaging

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CT Angiogram